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About TAMC

Our Mission

The Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition (TAMC) is part of the Teamsters Airline Division and was created specifically to better represent the needs of aviation mechanics throughout the industry. The four cornerstones on which the TAMC is founded are:

1) Promoting Safety for the flying public as well as in the workplace, and to continue to expose the dangers of outsourced aircraft maintenance.

2) Being Proactive when it comes to mechanic’s issues. Whether we are lobbying against outsourcing or for pension reform, influencing FAA rule-making or testifying before Congress, we WILL have a voice in the decision-making process. Additionally, we work closely with our trusted friends in the media to get our message out and get it right.

3) Using Our Collective Experience to help negotiate better contracts and to monitor industry trends.

4) Organizing. We help our fellow mechanics who need a union to form one and, in doing so, put an end to threats leveled by managers who believe that airworthiness is secondary to profit.  

As mechanics in this industry, we have issues that are common regardless of where we work, and the TAMC is committed to addressing them. We use our collective voice and the power of the Teamsters Union and the Airline Division to move our agenda. On our website, in our Teamster Aviation Professional newsletter, and through social media, we give aviation mechanics a forum in which they can voice concerns, share ideas for change and a channel through which members can stay current on industry news and trends.

Our Members

The TAMC represents 18,000 aviation mechanics and related workers at seven airlines including United, ExpressJet, Frontier, Horizon Air, NetJets, Piedmont Airlines, and UPS.

Our Structure

The TAMC is headed by the chairman and a steering committee comprised of one mechanic from each of the seven airlines where Teamsters represent mechanics. The TAMC Steering Committee works hand-in-hand with the Teamsters Airline Division to advance our agenda. To better serve our members, there are also TAMC station representatives across the nation who join the Steering Committee for a weekly conference call to plan and discuss industry and local issues. We encourage all aviation mechanics to become involved with the TAMC through the TAMC’s website, social media, and our newsletter.

Fighting Outsourcing: The TAMC, Airline Division and the IBT have taken steps to restore the high-level of flight safety the flying public deserves. The fight to stop outsourcing additional aircraft maintenance work to foreign repair stations is a priority of the TAMC and we are hard at work to ensure that all MROs are held to the same stringent safety standards as are the companies for which we work. We have taken our message to all corners of the United States, from the politicians on Capitol Hill to the air travel consumers who rely on the work of aircraft mechanics to keep them safe. We have engaged travelers at airports, informing them of unsafe outsourcing practices. Our efforts were featured in an important CNN Lou Dobbs story on unsafe outsourcing to foreign MROs. We have provided subject matter experts for the book “Attention All Passengers” by William McGee as well as the PBS Frontline special “Flying Cheaper.” We continue to work with our trusted media allies to make sure that the real story surrounding the perils of outsourced aircraft maintenance is told.

In conjunction with the Business Travel Coalition, the Teamsters Airline Division hosted the first ever Aviation Maintenance Outsourcing Summit of key industry professionals, senators, congressmen and aviation mechanics in Washington, D.C. The summit was the first of its kind to challenge the unsafe practices of outsourcing aircraft maintenance work to foreign repair stations.

Political Action: We are continually working to ensure that aviation mechanics’ concerns are addressed on Capitol Hill and with the regulatory agencies that govern us. We’ve had hundreds of meetings on The Hill, bringing the issues that matter to mechanics to the attention of our senators and congressmen. The TAMC, along with the Teamsters Airline Division, are lobbying for outsourcing reform, bankruptcy reform, and seeking a moratorium on certification of any additional MROs – foreign or domestic – until the FAA can prove adequate oversight of those facilities. Through our lobbying efforts, we were able to push through legislation requiring drug testing and more FAA oversight at foreign repair stations, thus preserving the integrity of the industry and the safety of the flying public.

Our History

The TAMC was formed September 15, 2007 in Indianapolis to give aviation mechanics a voice in the industry. As the Coalition has grown and more members have taken active roles, the TAMC has become a leader in the fight to improve aviation safety and advocate for aviation maintenance professionals. In the years since it was first founded, the TAMC has co-sponsored an outsourcing summit, released an investigative report about the hazards of outsourced aircraft maintenance work, and brought the hazards of outsourcing to the attention of the American public. We have testified before Congress and put in place a License Protection Program for all covered Teamster mechanics that provides free legal assistance should the FAA issue you a Letter of Investigation. We partner with the Airline Division to provide NTSB “Go Team” training. Most recently, the TAMC has launched a program to engage in independent public investigations at airlines we feel are putting profits before safety, endangering the well-being of their employees and the flying public.  

Please join us in our fight to improve aviation safety and regain the dignity and respect we have earned as aviation professionals. The TAMC can be reached at TeamsterAir.Org or by calling the Airline Division at 202-624-6848.