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Happy Charles Taylor Day from the TAMC!

As we begin to turn the corner on the pandemic in much of the world, passengers are returning to the skies. Although the airlines are only flying around 65 percent of what they did in 2019, it is great to see the uptick in flying. Throughout all of this you have been on the front lines. As essential workers you could not shelter in place. Instead, you put yourselves and your families at risk by continuing to come to work.

TAMC Chairman Chris Moore Appointed to Serve as a Director of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association

Today, the board of directors of the Professional Aviation Maintenace Association (PAMA) approved the presidential appointment of Chris Moore to serve a two-year term on the board.

Chris Moore is president of The Aviation Mechanics Coalition (TAMC). As founder of TAMC, Moore works tirelessly to advocate for aviation workplace safety and to promote the craft and the intrinsic value of aviation maintenance personnel.

Leslie Marshall Show Features Teamsters Fight for Aviation Safety

Syndicated radio host Leslie Marshall is joined on the show by Chris Moore, Chairman of the Aviation Mechanics Coalition and a Teamsters Airline Division representative. They discussed how the Teamsters are contacting NetJets customers as part of an effort to publicize their escalating labor dispute over subcontracting critical maintenance and wages.

United Airlines Fails to Reach Agreement with Teamster Aviation Maintenance Technicians

(CHICAGO) – United Airlines’ [NYSE: UAL] labor woes continue as talks with International Brotherhood of Teamsters-represented aviation maintenance technicians and related workers stalled today. 

“Delta and American are setting the pace and United is dragging its feet,” said Clacy Griswold, lead negotiator for the Teamsters. “Our hardworking aviation professionals deserve industry- leading pay and benefits and will settle for nothing less.” 

Summer Issue Of The TAMC Newsletter Is Here - Take A Look!

The new edition of the Teamster Aviation Professional is ready to read. Volume 6, Issue 2 of the newsletter includes detailed reports on recent actions and negotiations at United Airlines, the TAMC role at the Aerospace Maintenance Competition, the ongoing push to end unfair subsidies at Gulf nation carriers, and much more!

Allegiant Pilots Question Airline's Safety

Pilots for Allegiant Air are raising new concerns about the safety of the company's planes. The pilot's union has sent the airline's board of directors a letter, outlining its concerns. Read more here. In part, it says: "As you know, the pilots at Allegiant Air have concerns about the company's bare minimum approach to maintenance and operation of the airline."

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